About Social Artistー社会的芸術家についてー(2014年5月ごろ、西南学院大学2年在学時)



What is social artist?
Social Artist is such the artist who influences the society and world, or changes the common sense and rules of society and world by art. As some actual examples, I will introduce you to Yutaka Ozaki, Yusuke Iseya, and Rei Kawakubo.
Yutaka Ozaki is a singer, song writer who was so popular in 80-90s, Japan. He called as “Guru of teenager” because he has a lot of teenage fans. The reason why they support Ozaki is that he sang some song created from the question for society what teenager tend to think about. He was gone about 30th years ago, however he is supported by many fans and it has been increacing still now. The point as a social artist is not only the works but also his artist life. Actually he found a company against communism of music the last several years of his life.
Yusuke Iseya is an acter and founder, CEO of Rebirth Project. Using the way of art, Rebirth Project works for the earth and human.
Rei Kawakubo is founder and CEO of COMME des GARÇONS. It is one of the most famous fascion brand in Japan. She says “Fascion is not art but we trust our products can send important message to the world. So, we create our products with some messages, and sell it to society. I think it has great meaning that designer is CEO.”

Why them?
A lot of great artists on the history are social artist.
But,why Yutaka Ozaki,Yusuke Iseya,and Rei Kawakubo?
Of course,there are some reasons.First,simply these men are my favorite artists.
I think,if you like the subject of research,you can enjoy the research.
It is important. Second,these men are modern artists,so the back ground of society they have is similar to my generation.I want to research the”now”,and to think the better future.Surely,in researching,the historial help is essential.But,only the subject is the now and the future.What era do you research? Of course one person has own thinking.That different way of thinking is the big difference in research.I think it is better to research the now and the future.

Why I like them?
The answer is a final reason.
“It’s’ feeling’. there is no reason that I like it.”
Yes,it is the true.But,if you think more deeply,why you feel the positive feeling to them…?Then,I noticed that Yutaka Ozaki sings the feelings same as me,and Yusuke Iseya feels the situation of the modern world,problem of society it crazy and think the solution and ideal,and act to it. The solution and ideal empathized me. And Rei Kawakubo is mixed the business and the creation,it is so difficult,but she was successful.She could wonderful management and created the new culture and thought,at the same time.“I’m not artist.”she said.I respect her.
How much you feel his way of thinking is same as me and it is respectful,and how much you empathized to his ideal…
I think it is identity when you like it,and it is final reason to research them.